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Be More, Not Less Charity Weekend

Be More, Not Less Charity Weekend is a weekend of 3 special, curated events that each support our mission to be more and not less!

Donations for the weekend will support: 

Enjoy the pictures below that recap the 2023 experiences.

Be More, Not Less: About


The GiveBAC is focused on reconnecting Private School Alumni, specifically former members of the Black Awareness Club, for a good time and a good cause.

The goal of this event is to gather Black Alumni and make new memories while raising funds for our GiveBAC Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to either:

  1. a current student

  2. recent high-school graduate 

who is connected to one of the network institutions and Black affinity group.

The GiveBAC was first hosted in 2017! At that time, the recipient, a 2016 Roland Park Country School Graduate, was a student at Temple University and used the $500 scholarship to purchase books for that semester.  

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Inspiring Girls to Be More...

On August 5th, 2023, we inspired girls, in the 6th through 12th grade, to Be More at our exclusive Be More Belles Back to School Brunch. As they prepared to return to school for the 2023-2024 school year, we believe that August was the perfect opportunity to set our girls up for success!

With pressures from society, friends, and social media, Be More Baddies, Inc. is taking a proactive approach to prepare the attendees with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. The day included:

  • 2 Women-Led Workshops that focused on:

  1. Social Media and Cyberbullying

  2. Peer-pressure and Self-confidence

  • Icebreakers and other enrichiching activites that inspire the attendees to Be More and empower them to engage in conversations

  • Brunch Bites

  • Giveaways

At the annual Back to School Brunch, the Be More Baddies are taking the time to remind each attendee of how exceptional they are. The girls leave the Be More Belles Back to School Brunch with an increase in confidence, character, and charisma.

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Be More Belles Back to School Brunch

Each attendee will be inspired to Be More through workshops, engaging conversations, and enriching activities led by dynamic women who are a part of the Be More Baddies community.

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Led by Jasmine by Jasmine Gibson CEO and Founder of Black Women Marketers

"Girls are more likely than boys to be both victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying. 15% of teen girls have been the target of at least four different kinds of abusive online behaviors, compared with 6% of boys." 

Source: Marcum, Catherine D. et al. “Battle of the Sexes: An Examination of Male and Female Cyberbullying.”



"75% of girls with low self confidence reported engaging in negative activities when feeling bad about themselves." 

"Approximately 80% of children experience a decline in self-confidence after starting school."

Source: The Most Surprising Self Confidence Statistics And Trends in 2023


Etiquette Tips from Necole Jackson, Founder or Be More Baddies Inc.

Be More Baddies, Inc. believes that internal beauty is just as important as external beauty. As we prepare for the school year, we will equip the Belles with tips to exude confidence from the inside out.

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Be More, Not Less: Services


BBQ and Crab Feast

There was no better way to end the weekend than with a BBQ and Crab Feast hosted by Baddies! Our BBQ and Crab Feast was sure to be LIT! Literally... There will be good food, good vibes, and good people...This experience included:

  • Steamed Crabs

  • Catered BBQ from Frank's BBQ 

  • Vibes by Baltimores own, DJ KeeBee and Follow the DJ

Be More, Not Less: Pro Gallery
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